NonStop Art Maker Membership 



Are you a digital creator? The Maker membership provides access to Sewing, 3D Printing, Digital Media, Electronics, and our state-of-the-art computer lab up to 80 hours a week.

The Maker Membership includes: 

  • Access to Computer Lab, Digital Media, 3D Printing, Electronics, Textiles, Digital Fabrication, Wood Shop, and Metal Shop for 80 hours a week. Some windows of availability may be constricted due to class use.
  • Safety and certification intensive classes required for textiles, metal, wood, plasma, CNC and laser access at $65-75 each.
  • Safety classes are a permanent credential that is non-transferable to other members

registration requirements

12 and under - Parental Supervision Required
Sign Required Documentation

Ages 13 -17 - Parental Consent Form Required
Parents Must Sign Required Documentation

Ages 18+ - Sign all required documentation

Note: Membership sales are now open! Fill out the form below to reserve a spot. Completing this form DOES NOT make you a member; you still need to come in for an in-person tour and onboarding appointment. Thank you!