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NonStop Art At the Overlook


Our Labs

Everything is created twice. First in the mind and then in reality. A makerspace is that convergence through art and technology to a new creation. It is the process of learning then doing in an engaged environment -- a connected community. It is a shared space where people can access shared tools, supplies and materials. The Nonstop Art  Makerspace is three rooms, each focusing on a particular area of creation.


Fabric Arts Lab

The Boutique at Overlook for textiles and sewing houses sewing machines, thread and fabric. Resident artist will teach sewing classes each week.

Funk Lab.jpg

Funk Lab

A Digital Design Center for Image/Sound/3D Printing where users can bring creations to life with the 3-D printer or record and edit music on the computer.


NonStop Art Maker Lab

Artists can create custom items with the engraver, silk screen printer, CNC Laser Etching, Vinyl Cuter and host of other industrial commercial machinery.


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